What Are the Best Arm Exercises for Sculpting?

I don’t know about you, but working my upper body is notoriously difficult. Give me a leg workout any day and I can crush it, but saddle me with pushups and you’ll find me procrastinating my arm workout in the corner of the gym. That’s probably because doing the same arm exercises week after week can get super repetitive (and *yawn* boring). The solution: Switch things up with your arm workout to avoid boredom and work underused muscles. (I see you triceps.) Plus, if you hit a strength plateau, incorporating new moves can help you break through.

For the most effective arm workout, you need to know a little anatomy to work all the angles. There are three key muscle groups in your arms: your deltoids (shoulders), biceps (the insides of your upper arms), and triceps (the backs of your upper arms). And when it comes to arm exercises, certain moves are best to target certain muscle groups.

Wondering which moves to do to tone your arms fast? Look no further. The following are the 25 best arm exercises (organized by muscle group) you can do using simple equipment like dumbbells, a kitchen chair, a textbook or, yes, even your own body weight. (So easy!) Use this list of go-to moves to make sure your full- or upper-body strength workouts show your arms some love *or* keep them on hand to vary your own arms workout like a pro. Remember to select a variety that’ll hit your biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

Excerpted from Women’s Health

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