Can Better Grip Strength Boost Longevity?

As we age, a firm handshake implies far more than confidence. A strong grip is a great proxy for longevity. Feeble handgrip strength has been shown to be a better predictor of adverse health events like cardiovascular disease and stroke than systolic blood pressure.

Your grip involves everything from your forearm muscles to the muscles in your hands, all of which allow us to move our finger joints. A strong grip allows us to hold securely on to things, such as the railing of a staircase, and open stubborn jars of peanut butter or pickles.

In the combat sport of judo, grip strength often determines the victor, says Philippe Moratti, head instructor at Hollywood Judo Dojo. During a four-minute judo match, opponents constantly pull and push each other with the strength of their hands and forearms.

Excerpted from MSN

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