How Can I Eat Healthy On a Budget?

With grocery prices soaring, sticking to your budget without sacrificing your health has never been more important. I recently went to a restaurant in Denver where the Cobb salad was close to $20, while the burger and fries cost around $15. The price difference between more or less nutritious foods is evident almost everywhere you go, and the current economy is making it more and more expensive to grocery shop in general, let alone to eat healthily. 

Nutrition plays a significant role in your physical and mental health as it can lower your risk of heart disease, strengthen your immune system, build muscle, improve focus and more. A healthy diet can look many different ways, and there’s nothing wrong with the occasional burger. The key is to eat a diverse and well-rounded diet, with plenty of produce such as fruits and veggies — and those are some of the trickiest food groups to get enough of if you’re short on time and money. 

Excerpted from CNET

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