Want to Sleep Better? Avoid This Exercise Mistake

Sleep often feels like one of the most elusive pillars of health. So many things impact it, including your stress levels, how much caffeine you’ve had, and what you eat before bed. And if you’re in pursuit of a better night’s sleep, there’s one piece of advice almost universal among experts: Exercise more.

Generally, any kind of exercise will help support better sleep, says Rob Arthur, CSCS. You just don’t want to do any strenuous exercise too close to bedtime (within an hour) since per Harvard Health, that can make it harder to fall asleep and affect the quality of your sleep.

However, there is one type of exercise that, if done incorrectly, can mess with your sleep patterns no matter when you workout. “High-intensity HIIT-style workouts. If you do them a ton, and you’re not recovering properly, you can get into a state where you’re just overstressed…[and] your sleep can suffer,” Arthur says.

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