Are Potatoes Unhealthy, or is it You?

Potatoes have a bad reputation as unhealthy food, especially in regard to diabetes, but they don’t actually raise the risk and aren’t even unhealthy. It’s all in preparation and dietary choices. Potatoes do not raise one’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes and aren’t even unhealthy, despite popular belief. Rather, what raises one’s risk is other poor dietary choices, according to a new study.

Potatoes often have a bad reputation as an unhealthy food, especially in regard to diabetes. However, the humble spud itself doesn’t actually raise one’s risk. It’s all in how you prepare it, and what else you eat aside from it. The findings of this study were published in the peer-reviewed academic journal Diabetes Care.

Are potatoes healthy? Potatoes are one of the most widely eaten foods around the world and are a culinary staple. They are the world’s fourth largest crop, in terms of production volume and consumption, after corn, wheat and rice. They are also very popular in Israel, which, according to the Agriculture Ministry, produced about 509,000 tons of potatoes in 2021, with around 222,000 tons of the local potato produce being for local consumption.

Excerpted from the Jerusalem Post

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