Does Collagen Help with Weight Loss?

Collagen is well known for helping to provide structure, support, and strength to your skin, muscles, and bones — but does collagen help with weight loss? As we get older, maintaining a healthy weight can often become more difficult. And while eating a balanced diet, getting enough exercise, or even supplementing with the best vitamins for women over 50 can all contribute to good health, sometimes those extra pounds can be stubborn to shed. 

Most of the claims behind collagen focus on glowing skin, healthier hair and nails, and greater joint flexibility. Even Jennifer Aniston is adding collagen powder to her coffee. But when it comes to collagen helping weight loss, the evidence is less clear. So far, there are limited studies to suggest taking collagen will directly help you to lose weight. However, there might be some ways that collagen can reduce body fat by helping you to build lean muscle and increasing satiety. Read on to find out what our expert says.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and makes up a lot of our connective tissue, bone mass, and skin. In fact, 30% of all protein is collagen. Collagen is produced naturally by cells called fibroblasts, and relies on us getting enough high-quality protein from our diet. You can also get collagen from certain dietary sources (such as organ meats) or by consuming supplements.

Excerpted from Fit and Well

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