What’s the Best Diet for High Cholesterol?

The results of your routine bloodwork came in, and you’ve got high cholesterol. Ugh. Now what? The first line of treatment is usually changing how you eat. But knowing which diet for high cholesterol will improve the condition is challenging — there are so many to choose from, and they all claim to make you healthier. Registered dietitian Julia Zumpano, RD, says: Follow a heart-healthy diet.

“High cholesterol clogs your arteries,” she says. “Eat in a way that keeps the arteries open and clear because restricted blood flow leads to heart attacks.”

Diet plans for high cholesterol: Your diet has a big impact on cholesterol levels. So choose a pattern of eating that’ll get your cholesterol into a healthy range. Zumpano shares her thoughts on a few of the commonly recommended diet plans for high cholesterol.

Excerpted from Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials

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