Can Dark Chocolate Help You Lose Weight?

Mmm… chocolate. Even the mention of it is sweet. However, its impact on our waistline is not. Chocolate is the ultimate indulgence, yet despite its many benefits, may still look at it as a guilty pleasure that we really shouldn’t be indulging in. That said, you may be surprised to learn that eating a little chocolate now and then may be exactly what you need to do if you want to keep that lockdown weight off.

You read that right. While it’s more frequently associated with weight gain, there are a few ways that your favorite dark chocolate can help you reach your weight loss goals, and here’s how. How does dark chocolate help with weight loss?

1. It reduces cravings. Our eating habits have definitely been affected, what with us spending so much time inside. In fact, it seems that our cravings have increased, and we are constantly hungry for sweet, salty, and fatty foods as they will provide some great relief, albeit not for our health.

Excerpted from Longevity

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