Is Intermittent Fasting the Best Way to a Healthy Life?

As many as 300 doctors participated in a conference here to sensitise people on the importance of intermittent fasting. Experts said that intermittent fasting is a very old method used by people for weight loss and body cleansing. Today, people are becoming very health conscious and hence intermittent fasting has attracted 30-40% of the people, they said.

American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine along with Smart Group conducted India’s first anti-ageing International conference to the most cutting edge and futurists innovations in healthcare for preventive health.

“I am glad that doctors in India are taking a keen interest in preventive health seeking the benefits of intermittent fasting. Large numbers of people are opting for it, as it not only triggers weight loss but also helps the body to combat various chronic ailments. This technique has gained attention for its incredible effects on both weight loss and on diseases,” said Dr BK Modi, Founder-Chairman, Smart Group.

Excerpted from The Siasat Daily

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