Get Ready for 2020 With Intermittent Fasting!

ICYMI, fasting diets basically dominated 2019, turning phrases like “eating windows” and “5:2 versus 16:8” into normal parts of everyday conversation. As far as diets go, fasting looks to be one of the more long-lasting trends: it technically isn’t a “diet” at all, focusing less on overall caloric intake and more on restricting your eating to specific windows of time each day. For the most part, that’s just common sense—and the health benefits can be huge if you’re accustomed to eating all day (and night) long.

Since there are so many different fasting schedules to choose from, it’s probably worth checking out the actual benefits before you wade in to figure out which option is right for you. Until recently, there wasn’t much research to work from; most of the studies were done on animals or small sample populations, making the purported benefits largely anecdotal. 

But as fasting becomes more popular, more research is emerging—and with it, the list of possible advantages seems to be growing. Here are 10 potential benefits to following your fasting schedule of choice.

Excerpted from Women’s Health

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