Are Pistachios Good for Weight Loss?

There’s nothing better than a handful of nuts to slake untimely cravings. Nuts make for healthy, crunchy snacks. They may not be as appetising as other snaking options, but are the best thing to consume on a weight loss diet. But, if you think that you’ll have to forgo good taste, remember all those delicious desserts with pistachios smattered all over them. A garnish of pistachios only makes your dish taste better and also look better with the glint of bright green colour. And, here’s another reason to nosh on these nibbles as much as you want, guilt-free. Pistachios (or pista) may also help you lose excessive weight!

Why Are Pistachios Good For Weight Loss?

1. The first thing that makes pistachios a weight-loss-friendly food is fibre. The dry fruit contains a good amount of dietary fibre that may ease digestion of foods, boost metabolism and induce a feeling of satiety.

Excerpted from NDTV Food

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