Exercise Mistakes That Make You Look Older

You’re Always at the Gym

While keeping an ambitious workout schedule is admirable, rest days are necessary, especially as muscles age. “Intense, prolonged exercise and sleep deprivation will release and increase levels of cortisol in the blood,” sports and rehab therapist Jav Asaro told webmd.com. “This will have a counter effect to insulin and increase blood sugars. These sugars go through a process and end up as a product known as Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs). AGEs then bond between the collagen fibers causing reduced elasticity, blotches, and premature wrinkles.” To reduce this type of inflammation, include at least one rest day per week. Here are 22 more habits that are making you age faster.

You Maintain Poor Posture

Whether you’re exercising, taking a walk, or sitting in front of your desk at work, good posture is a must. Poor posture, on the other hand, can reshape your spine and give you a perpetually hunched back. 

Excerpted from Reader’s Digest

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