This Simple Sum Tells You Just How Many Calories You Need in a Day

We all know that the average woman should be consuming 2,000 calories in a day, while men need 2,500. But just how true is that, exactly?

Well, the true number of calories you need depends on your height, along with other factors such as how much exercise you do and how fast your metabolism is. But experts have come up with something they believe is far more accurate than the current GDA (guideline daily amount) and, as it turns out, you may end up needing more calories than you think.

While it’s always assumed that simply eating less is the key to weight loss, this isn’t always the case when taken to extremes. Starving the body can actually prompt it to cling onto fat cells and put a stop of muscle growth, with your brain preparing your body for famine.

Excerpted from Harper’s Bazaar

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