6 Possible Reasons You Overeat

We’re all guilty of overeating at times, consuming more than we intended despite our desire to be healthier. But why? Is it simply down to hunger? Here Marina Rösser, top nutritionist and nutrition specialist for the leading fitness app company Freeletics, shares six entirely possible reasons behind your tendency to overeat:

1. Plates – Why size matters

‘It might sound a bit strange, but give this a thought: Different studies have shown that people who eat from smaller plates tend to eat less than those who use larger ones. Another “plate factor” which might be a reason for your overeating is its colour: If the food and the colour of the plate are the same, people tend to overeat. The reason for this is that there’s not enough colour contrast between the two, which tricks our perception of the portion size. Reducing the size of your dinner plates and choosing the colour wisely to reduce the amount you eat might be a life hack that’s worth trying. Let your plate control your portion!’

Excerpted from Prima

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