Does Winter Make It Harder to Shed Those Extra Pounds?

Winter is synonymous with soft quilts, comfort food, tons of groundnuts and laziness. While there are so many things to love about the cosy, chilly weather, it can be challenging for those trying to lose weight. Seasonal weight gain varies from one individual to another, but certain things tend to tip the weighing scale in the wrong direction. However, a study published in the journal Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism suggests otherwise. According to the study, cold weather can speed up your metabolism, which can help in weight loss.

Exposure to cold air makes the body work harder to keep core temperature up. In other words, you are able to burn more calories. Also, a kind of body fat, called brown fat is activated during cold weather, which helps burn more calories than storing them. But this is only possible if you motivate yourself to spring out of bed in the morning to workout. If you don’t, many factors might become a hurdle in your pursuit of weight loss.

Excerpted from The Health Site

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