Boost Your Mood With This Home Workout!

You already know that cardio is good for you. Research has long shown that revving your heart rate regularly can keep your cells and blood sugar healthy, strengthen your ticker, boost your mood, and so so much more. Luckily, reaping the benefits is super simple; like, “don’t even have to leave the house” simple. Even without any equipment (or even all that much space), you can score a killer cardio workout at home with just a few moves.

My go-to bodyweight exercises light up all of the major muscle groups and get my heart pumping. In addition to boosting cardiovascular endurance (meaning I can keep sweating for longer), they also develop agility (which is key for feeling quick and athletic) and core strength (a must-have for anyone who wants to be all-around fitter).

Though these moves are totally beginner-friendly, make sure to keep your core engaged, back straight, and to land from any jumps with bent knees, toes facing forward, and ankles flexed.

Excerpted from Women’s Health

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