What are the Best Cardio Exercises for Fat Loss?

Cardiovascular exercises are usually the easiest way to lose fat. Cardio coupled with weight-training is one of the oldest trick in the book to lose fat and gain muscle. For someone who’s never been to the gym, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the cardio machines and have to choose between, let’s say the treadmill or the rowing machine. Every cardio machine works differently on the body and tends to burn varying amounts of fat. (To find out which is the best cardio machine to burn fat, click here.)

The best cardio exercises for fat loss

When it comes to losing weight though, it’s a pretty straightforward deal: cardio exercises help you lose fat faster. But, as with everything else, it is also important that you start slow to avoid injuries. Weight-training is also equally important, not just to gain muscle and give your body better definition but also to avoid muscle injury. Here are:

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