Can Drinking Lemon Water Support Weight Loss?

Enjoying a refreshing glass of freshly squeezed lemon water has become a popular daily ritual that boasts a myriad of health benefits. According to the Cleveland Clinic, drinking lemon water can support digestion, give you a healthy dose of vitamin C, keep you hydrated, and help you lose weight. To learn more about how drinking lemon water can support weight loss, we chatted with Catherine Gervacio, RND, a registered nutritionist-dietitian and certified exercise nutrition coach at EHProject, who reveals 10 ways that adopting this daily practice can reduce your waistline and help you achieve a toned and trim figure.

Lemons are a source of essential nutrients like vitamin C and antioxidants, according to a 2021 study in Frontiers in Nutrition. These nutrients can contribute to overall well-being and, indirectly, support a healthy weight. A body that receives adequate nutrients is less likely to experience cravings for junk food that provides little nourishment. Additionally, lemons contain a type of fiber called pectin, which one study found can significantly reduce appetite and calorie intake.

“Having a consistent behavior to get into the habit of drinking lemon water with a well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is the key to effective weight loss,” says Gervacio. “With regular healthy eating, hydration, and exercise, you are creating a routine that becomes a part of your lifestyle and reduces the chances of falling back into less healthy habits.”

Excerpted from Eat This, Not That!

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