What’s the Tiny Food You Should Always Have in the Pantry?

They come in small packages: So, what is the one healthy food you should always have in the pantry? Well, they come in small cans and very different varieties and are not always on the list of peoples favorite foods, but they should be. The answer…..sardines!

Stock up on sardines in your pantry and try for at least one can a week. A lot of people are not fans of the little fish, perhaps because they were not introduced to them at a young age. In our house we always had cans of them in the cupboards because my father was very much a Scandinavian and they love there sardines!

I recall at a very young age eating them on Saltine crackers and grew fond of them. We would have them mostly as a snack in between meals, but some people make a meal out of them. Sardines can go nicely on a Caesar salad or even on a slice of toast. They come in so many varieties now, like in mustard, lemon, spicy jalapeño or just good old fashioned olive oil (my personal preference).

Excerpted from WROR

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