How Will You Use AI for Weight Loss?

Artificial intelligence has arrived to occupy a very important position in the modern world, including spaces where the health of human beings can be improved. Obesity as a public health problem is an issue that cannot be left aside by this advanced technology. Due to its great capacity to process multiple data, you can find specific and personalized solutions to lose weight.

Information is power, and, thanks to the vast amount of information that AI possesses, traditional dietary methods can be favored by this algorithm, not to displace nutritionists, but to be their co-pilot, providing unprecedented insights on each particular case.

The Rise of AI in Weight Loss: Artificial intelligence has a plus point which is the ability of machine learning, which allows it to analyze all the data of an individual in real-time. This means that it does not rely on predefined and limited rules that would yield generic meal plans but rather optimizes the intake of specific nutrients and adapts to changes that are brought up during progress monitoring.

Excerpted from Analytics Insight

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