What’s the Best Way to Get Past a Weight Loss Plateau?

I initially saw results with a walking routine, but now my weight loss is stagnant. What should I do?

We’ve all been there: you start a workout routine and start seeing weight-loss results, but a few months in that progress starts to stall. Many people in our Start TODAY community start a walking routine and see promising results really quickly — pounds coming off, increased energy, better sleep and a happier mood.

But as with any workout routine, results can slow or stagnate altogether as our bodies adjust. That doesn’t mean that you should give up walking! Instead, it’s time to change it up. Change in our routine, whether it be a new eating plan, workout program or wellness habit, can kickstart our bodies to respond. In terms of fitness, if you’ve been sedentary for years and then start exercising, your metabolism is stoked and your body responds to being worked in a different way than before.

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