Can ChatGPT Turn You Into a Runner?

A Seattle-based technologist said he got hooked on a running routine, improved his health, and lost 26 pounds — not with the latest fitness-influencer program or big-box gym membership, but thanks to a chatbot that’s freely available online.

Greg Mushen told Insider that he turned to artificial intelligence for help developing a healthier routine in February, in part to keep up with his 6-year-old daughter. “She’s at that magical age when she’s developing a personality of her own, and I want to be around to see different milestones,” he said. “I needed to change my lifestyle.” Three months later, Mushen said he’s lost weight and seen major improvements to his energy as well as measures of heart health like his resting-heart rate. “It’s been fun to see those metrics change, I just feel so much better,” he said.

While Mushen is tech-savvy, he said using ChatGPT as a coach is something anyone could do, pointing out that it could have major benefits for boosting motivation as well as saving time and money. But it also requires some fact-checking and careful prompting, so it’s not likely to put personal trainers out of work just yet.

Excerpted from Insider

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