What Are the Best Foods for Inflammation?

In the past few years, oodles of celebrities have touted eating the anti-inflammatory diet. Everyone from NFL quarterback Tom Bradyto actor Sophia Bush have come out as proponents. And high profile doctors — like dermatologist Nicholas Perricone and integrative medicine doctor Andrew Weil — have advocated for eating the anti-inflammatory diet for decades. 

The interesting thing about this array of unofficial spokespeople is that they all seem to have different reasons for adhering to the anti-inflammatory diet. Sophia Bush has said that the diet helps with her asthma and Tom Brady’s diet is designed to help him reach peak performance. With all these big names behind it, the anti-inflammatory diet seems appealing. But is the anti-inflammatory diet healthy or just hype?

Dietitians say the anti-inflammatory diet is frequently prescribed as a complementary medicine approach to help manage symptoms for people with various chronic illnesses, and that it’s generally a healthy eating plan for anyone of any age. We talked to an epidemiologist and a dietitian to find out what, exactly, the anti-inflammatory diet is, who it’s good for and how to follow it.

Excerpted from Today

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