People Who Never Get Sick — How Do They Do It?

We waited eagerly for winter to arrive, but now that it’s really here, it’s a little less fun and romantic than we had imagined. It’s not only the rain that is keeping everyone at home, but mainly a runny nose, cough, sore throat and even fever. If you just want to wait around until you get the flu or any other classic winter sickness, go ahead – but if you want to put up a fight, we have some especially effective health tips for you. So here are ten habits of people who almost never get sick (as rare as those people may be).

1. They drink a lot of water: The well-known recommendation about drinking water says to drink eight cups a day to satisfy the body’s basic needs. When we drink enough, the body gets the fuel it needs to act and fight against sickness. When we don’t drink enough (like most of us), we harm the proper functioning of most of our body’s systems, and that’s the last thing we need in winter.

2. They get their flu shot: Many people take the flu lightly, but unfortunately, people die from it every year. Even if you got vaccinated last year, it’s important to get the shot this year as well. The vaccine is seasonal and flu strains change every year, which is why the WHO every year orders the production of new vaccines suitable for novel strains.

Excerpted from The Jerusalem Post

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