How Much Does Sleep Deficiency Harm You?

We all struggle to get enough sleep sometimes. Whether it’s through work, stress, worry, or just one of those nights, sleepless nights are a part of life. While an occasional bad night will not cause you any harm, regularly missing out on between 5 and 9 hours a night can lead to problems. So, what should you look out for if you fall into this category?

Obesity: While it may seem that being awake longer would result in more physical activity and more weight loss, the opposite is actually true. Research has found that people with sleep deprivation actually do less because of fatigue. On top of this, there is a disruption in the levels of various hormones that cause cravings for high fat and high calorific foods. This all adds up to increase the risk of weight gain and obesity.

Cardiovascular Disease: Studies have shown a greater risk of many types of cardiovascular disease in those averaging 5 hours of sleep a night or less. This is partly down to the increased risk of obesity, but other issues are also at play. A lack of sleep triggers the sympathetic nervous system that prepares the body for stress, resulting in increased blood pressure. This increases the risk of hypertension, stroke, and heart disease.

Excerpted from Sci Tech Daily

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