What’s the Best Way to Burn More Calories Than You Eat?

The idea is the calories you eat should at least match, or be lower than, the calories you burn. Burn more calories than you eat, and you may lose weight over time. Counting calories and burning calories does not have to be overwhelming. Taking little steps here and there can make big changes over time. The goal is to limit the calories you intake and increase the calories you burn.

Limit calories in:

— Eliminate one high-calorie food option a day. Skip the bagel in the morning, don’t reach for the bag of chips midday, and walk past the cookies after dinner.

— Drink lots of water. Avoid soda, flavored coffee drinks and juice. If you must have your coffee fix, add cinnamon instead of cream and sugar. Add a splash of your morning juice to some sparkling water. Water, even flavored water, is the best option.

Excerpted from the The Daily News

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