How Much Vitamin D is Needed in Your Diet?

Nutritional advice comes from every corner of our world. Between doctors, well-meaning family members and friends, and the all-pervasive impact of social media, we are bombarded with tips on how to add more protein, fiber, and healthy fats to our everyday menu. To top it all off, we are encouraged to throw in a multi-vitamin for good measure to fill in any gaps in our diet.

The subject of popping a pill in order to get the recommended daily allowance of the various vitamins essential to overall good health may be somewhat controversial. After all, different nutrients may be absorbed at different rates by our bodies. Surely we shouldn’t expect one small pill to cover it all. Still, it pays to understand the role many vitamins play in staying healthy.

One vitamin that is crucial to good health in so many ways, yet is too often taken for granted, is vitamin D. Commonly known as the “sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D is often associated with exposure to sunlight. As such, it can be easy to get lulled into the misconception that Mother Nature is taking care of this aspect of our balanced nutrition.

Excerpted from SciTech Daily

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