Are There Nighttime Habits That Increase Longevity?

Just as they start their mornings, the people of the world’s Blue Zones—geographic locations around the world where people regularly live to 100 without serious mental or physical impairment—end their days in inspiring ways that promote longevity. From getting a good night’s rest to sipping a glass of red wine, the residents in these regions know a thing or two about winding down at the end of a day.

Dan Buettner is an author and researcher who studies the longevity hotspots of Ikaria, Greece; Loma Linda, California; Sardinia, Italy; Okinawa, Japan; and Nicoya, Costa Rica. Over the years, he’s collected numerous insights about the health and wellness of longest-living people in the world, including the positive impact of a few nighttime habits to promote longevity.

1. Keep a consistent sleep schedule

Sleep training isn’t just for babies. Adults can benefit from a consistent sleep schedule, too. If you want to extend your lifespan, make (and stick) to a regular sleep schedule. Set a bedtime reminder each night to practice falling asleep at a regular time. And if you have trouble falling asleep, try incorporating a “wind-down routine,” like meditation or yoga, which experts say can aid in relaxation.

Excerpted from Well + Good

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