Why is Intermittent Fasting Good For Your Health?

The term “fasting” needs so special introduction to most of us. We all prefer to go on a fast for religious purposes on special days. But “intermittent fasting” is a relatively new concept that is gaining popularity these days. Unlike the conventional fasting in which you refrain from food, intermittent fasting involves a cycle of eating and fasting that is considered to be good for health.

The basic idea behind Intermittent Fasting is to split the day or sometimes a week into eating and fasting periods. This can be done in several ways like the 16/8 method (16 hours fast and 8 hours eating window), Eat-Stop-Eat (24 Hours Fast) and 5:2 diet (fasting on 2 days and eating well on the other 5 days).

Intermittent fasting is not another fad diet that prescribes you what to eat and what not to. It only lets you decide your eating window on a day or the week. For example, in the 16/8 method, you can choose to eat in a 8 hour window and go on a fast in the remaining 16 hours. Similarly, you can choose to fast for 2 days a week, during when you limit your calorie intake and eat normally the remaining 5 days.

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