Intermittent Fasting Hacks While You Work From Home

During the lockdown, and the subsequent Work-From-Home that is our lives now, there has been a renewed buzz about intermittent fasting – as more and more people try to find ways to eat healthy and also shave off the piling weight.

And yes, there are some bonafide, proven benefits. Turns out our elders weren’t just fasting for religious reasons or as a political statement alone – they were reaping the health benefits too. So here’s our guide on how to Intermittent Fast (IF) and why some of you shouldn’t.

There are multiple ways of fasting: Regimens range from ingesting sparse calories a few days a week – the 5:2 diet – where you eat 500-600 calories for two days and eat sufficient calories the rest of the days of the week; to fasting for 14-16-18 hours every day by only eating within a fixed time window – most common being the 16:8 method – where one eats say from 11 am to 7 pm every day.

Excerpted from The Quint

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