What Are the Best Exercises to Shrink Your Belly?

If you have a balloon belly, practice these weight loss exercises regularly and reduce the fat stored around your stomach and waist. Do you have a big belly? Well, it might be the result of fat accumulation over time. More often than not, belly fat is the prime factor why most of us start working out. But if you can’t seem to lose it with your current workout, your workout needs a revamp. You need to include more exercises that might target particularly your core muscles and waistline. We’re here to help, so let’s talk about some weight loss exercises that can help you get rid of your balloon belly.

HealthShots reached out to Abhishek Sinha, Fitness Expert at Equilibrium Gym, Faridabad, who listed down a few best weight loss exercises which can fire your core and help you get rid of a balloon belly. Here are 7 exercises to get rid of a balloon belly:

1. Leg raises

  • This exercise can be performed on an abdominal inclined.
  • Hold the bench with both hands and lie down on the bench.
  • Keep your legs facing towards the floor side and lift your both legs till the end of the movement.
  • Bring back your legs to 45 degrees to the starting position.
  • Perform this exercise around 25 times and you will train your abdominal muscles which help to reduce your belly fat.

Excerpted from Health Shots

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