Eating Too Much At the Home Office? Try Fasting!

The New York Post calls it the Quarantine 15. As insensitive as it sounds to worry about gaining weight while working from home when people are getting sick and are worried about loved ones, it’s our responsibility to stay strong and healthy, to take care of others. And part of being healthy is choosing healthy foods, exercising, and not stress-eating our way through this crisis.

If my number of trips to the kitchen is any indication,15 is the least of what I’m likely to gain. I literally have not stopped eating since I moved my work to my home last week. Breakfast generally starts out okay, of a little granola and almond milk (unsweetened) but then by mid-morning I am pulling out the chips, leftover (plant-based) pasta with Gardein crumbles, vegan party mix, and before I know it I’ve eaten the equivalent of four or five meals before 4 p.m.

How did I let this happen? Every day I resolve to do better, make a healthy protein-packed, green and berry smoothie, and I start out feeling like I have the best of intentions. And every day, whether on conference calls or just sitting writing and editing, answering emails or straightening up (I do a lot of that), I find myself traipsing back to the cupboard, looking for something healthy, reaching for something carb-laden like the bag of tortilla chips that never seems to go into the garbage. Salty, stale and crunchy, they hit the spot.

Excerpted from The Beet

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