How Can I Keep a Positive Mindset During Quarantine?

Around this time last year, I kissed dieting goodbye and stopped restricting myself from eating for good. While I never struggled with a pronounced eating disorder, my relationship with food was incredibly unhealthy and I knew I needed a change. So I practiced intuitive eating habits, and since then, I was actually able to lose the extra pounds I gained in college.

Practicing healthier eating habits is much easier when you have a daily routine. But now that I’m quarantined at home and all of my daily routines have been thrown out the window, it’s been difficult to keep up with my normal eating patterns. I’ve even found myself slipping back into a restrictive dieting mindset. I feel frustrated with my eating habits and can’t seem to understand how I’ve “lost control.”

After a few weeks of getting down on myself about my eating, I realized something important: You can’t get anywhere with healthy eating unless you’re kind to yourself. I was only able to lose weight last year because I started to truly love my body again. Even in quarantine, I need to love and be kind to my body, because things are already stressful as it is.

Excerpted from Eat This, Not That!

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