What Are Your 2020 Health Goals?

“When we set the bar too high, we inevitably blow it, blame ourselves, and go back to the status quo,” says nutrition therapist Dana Sturtevant, RD, a co-owner of Be Nourished in Portland, Oregon. Take fad diets like juice cleanses, for example. We’re drawn to them because they work—but only for a while. As soon as you go back to eating real food, you’re right back where you started, not to mention feeling low on energy, stamina, and constantly starving. The same goes for working out: “People exercise every day for the first two weeks of the year, then the gyms are empty by February because that level of commitment just isn’t feasible in the long run,” says Sturtevant.

To set you up for success, we asked experts for goals that feel so doable, you may wonder whether they’re even worth aiming for. You may not drop two sizes or be a Zen master by tomorrow, but we promise you will make significant headway on the journey to a happier, healthier you.

Excerpted from Real Simple

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