Can Fasting Strengthen Your Immunity?

We are always living in a state of survival. This might be any type of chronic illness, virus or maybe a lifestyle related disease. Whatever it is, fasting can help with many health issues and in addition can help with strengthening your immune system. I think if you try it you will be surprised by the benefits that you see, even if you are practicing time-restricted feeding (TRF) — eating within the same time window each day, for example have a 12 hour period in which you eat, and the other 12 hours of the day in which you eat nothing. This will lead to more conscious eating habits as well.

Studies have shows how especially after a 72 hour water only fast the immune system strengthens and even the metabolism slightly increases. I don’t suggest that length of fast for everyone, however you still can practice fasting for improving your health.

I love the fasting lifestyle for so many reasons, including:
• Improving immunity
• Efficiently cleaning up dead cells
• Improving digestion

Excerpted from The Garden Island

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