How Will Fasting Benefit My Health?

Coming from Indian families, we are all aware that each day of the week is assigned to some of the other religious deity. Monday is for Lord Shiva, Tuesday for Lord Ganesh and Hindu Goddesses, Wednesday is for Lord Vitha/Krishna, so on and so forth. We know at least one person from our social circle who fasts due to their faith in their deity. We’d like to tell you that having religious faith in a deity is not the only reason why people fast. Some fast just to stay healthy and keep unhealthy food at bay for a day. Fasting offers multiple health benefits that not many are aware of. 

We must understand that fasting is not complete avoidance of food, instead, it requires some knowledge and planning on our part for maintaining a healthy body. Fasting at least once a week helps to cleanse the body, improves our metabolic rate as well as serves as the mantra to live longer. In this article, we will explore the benefits of fasting. 

1. Helps In Weight Loss 

 Many studies have shown that fasting can be a safe way to lose weight. We gain weight because we consume more amount of calories than what is actually required by our body on a daily basis. Fasting once in a week creates a calorie deficit and allows the body to burn the body fat as its source of energy.

Excerpted from Youth Incorporated

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