How Much Coffee Should You Drink to Stay Healthy?

Recently, lifestyle reporter JR Thrope penned an extensive roundup concerning the health benefits of tea over coffee. Abridged: Tea supplies a sufficient boost with considerably less caffeine, mitigates anxiety symptoms, is packed with more antioxidants, reduces inflammation and boosts oral health. While it’s true that most of the overlapping attributes shared between the two beverages are more concentrated in tea, there are a few documented advantages unique to each that shouldn’t be discounted.

Just this week for instance, researchers from the universities of Navarre in Spain , Catania in Italy, and a separate report published by the Harvard School of Public Health,  determined that habitually drinking coffee overtime dramatically reduces one’s risk of developing  hypertension and Type 2 diabetes respectively, in addition to potentially protecting us from a plethora of metabolic risk factors, including strokes and chronic heart disease.

Excerpted from Ladders

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