Is Eating While Standing Bad for You?

Eating while standing up may have some benefits such as faster digestion and some loss of fat over time. However, it may also cause bloating and increase your hunger, which may lead to weight gain. The trends of eating while standing, sitting, and lying down have all had their moments in the spotlight. For instance, eating while lying down was particularly fashionable in ancient Rome and Greece. Since then, sitting down to eat has become the most encouraged posture.

More recently, some people have started standing while eating, either as a way to save time or counter a sedentary office job. However, others insist that standing while eating may be harmful to digestion and lead to overeating. So is it good to eat while standing up? The answer is that it depends. This article investigates the available evidence on whether eating while standing up is harmful or beneficial.

Standing up may speed up digestion: The posture you adopt while eating can influence your ability to digest food. That’s because food empties from the stomach more slowly when a person is sitting or lying down, compared to when they are standing.

Excerpted from Healthline

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