What is Volume Eating for Weight Loss?

The online weight loss space has seen a resurgence of a popular weight management method—volume eating. Whether you’re scrolling through TikTok and Instagram or reading your local news, it’s hard to avoid tips and tricks for the next magic bullet to lose weight. There will always be a new fad, new product, or new habit that encourages you to give it a try in the name of weight loss.

Or, in some cases, an old idea will resurface. Such is the case with volume eating. Volume eating is a dieting concept or method of eating that focuses on eating larger amounts of food that are low in calories.

According to Jamie Nadeau, RD, “The idea behind volume eating is that the larger physical amount of food will keep you fuller. Volume eating allows you to eat a large amount of food while still staying in a calorie deficit if you’re working toward weight loss.” We talked to registered dietitians, experts in food and nutrition, to weigh in volume eating, what it’s all about, and the pros and cons of trying it for weight loss.

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