What Are the Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt?

Greek yogurt is a protein-rich dairy product that’s high in many nutrients like vitamin B12, calcium, and selenium. But, its nutritional value and health benefits can vary depending on the brand you choose.

Greek yogurt is an excellent source of a number of nutrients and may even offer a few health benefits. However, it’s important to choose the right type and brand, as many can be packed with additives like added sugar. This article explains what makes Greek yogurt a healthy choice and what to look for when shopping for this popular dairy product.

What is Greek yogurt? Yogurt is a dairy product that has been consumed since ancient times. In fact, the Greeks were the first to document the use of yogurt in 100 BC. The word “yogurt” is believed to have come from the Turkish word “yoğurmak,” which means to thicken, curdle, or coagulate. Many types of yogurt are available, including Greek-style, which has a higher protein content than other yogurt products.

Excerpted from Healthline

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