Could Ozempic Be Accidentally Treating Addiction?

Miracle drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy — which have recently exploded in popularity for their incredible weight loss side effects — may also quell the addictive nature of a person’s mind as well, experts say. Patients who have taken these semaglutide Type 2 diabetes treatments have self-confessed to controlling their impulses more — especially when it comes to buying and eating junk food. 

Last year, many on semaglutide drugs reported having fewer cravings for fast foods like Chick-fil-A and caffeine-filled coffee too. Such is the case of Victoria Rutledge, who told the Atlantic that she’d often let $500 organic groceries rot in her fridge and would rather snack sweets bought hastily at Target.

“I couldn’t stop from going to that extreme,” she said. But after beginning her Wegovy treatment, she no longer felt such urges, particularly with impulse buying. “I’ve never done that before,” Rutledge said.

Excerpted from the New York Post

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