Thinking About Trying Ozempic? Consider This!

For many people with diabetes and obesity, weight loss drugs might seem like a perfect pathway to health. But if you’re thinking of starting Ozempic, there are a few things you should know. We asked an expert to break it down.

1. Ozempic isn’t for everyone. Over the past year, Ozempic has been trending in Hollywood and beyond for casual weight loss. But it really shouldn’t. First, rapid weight loss isn’t healthy — and it almost never works long-term. Second, these medications are only FDA-approved for people who meet strict health criteria, like being diagnosed with diabetes and having a certain body mass index.

“Ozempic is certainly not for casual or cosmetic use. These medications aren’t safe or effective for people who don’t meet the requirements,” says Joseph St. Pierre, DO, a medical weight loss specialist with Hartford HealthCare.

Excerpted from Hartford Healthcare

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