Does the Blood Type Diet Really Work?

With so many diet options out there, wouldn’t it be nice to know if there was one that was really made for you? The blood type diet makes an appealing claim: Get personalized advice on the best way to eat based on your blood type.

This diet was developed in 1996 by Peter D’Adamo, ND, a naturopathic doctor. His book, Eat Right for Your Type, became a The New York Times bestseller. But although people still follow the blood type diet today, there’s no scientific evidence to support the diet and experts have since criticized its concept, according to registered dietitian Devon Peart, MHSc, BASc, RD. Peart shares what the blood type diet is about and why it’s flawed.

Why does eating for your blood type matter? Peart explains that the basic idea of Dr. D’Adamo’s blood type diet is that your physiological response to food is linked to your blood type. As a result, he suggested you eat foods that were prevalent during the time your particular blood type evolved. According to Dr. D’Adamo, eating this way would increase your overall health and decrease your risk of chronic diseases.

Excerpted from Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials

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