Is it Bad to Work Out the Same Way Every Time?

Establishing an exercise routine isn’t always an easy task, but once you find a few activities you enjoy doing, it’s far easier to find your workout groove. Whether it’s a daily walk, dancing, or taking a Pilates class three days a week, exercise has so many physical and mental benefits that any type of movement really is a win. 

But what happens if you do the same thing, day-in and day-out? Is sticking to a narrow fitness routine “bad” for you? Could strictly being a runner or yogi do more harm than good? Here’s what medical and fitness professionals have to say about the importance of exercise variety, along with some helpful tips to get you out of a fitness rut (or prevent one in the first place). 

Getting exercise of any kind is great. Good news: The bottom line is that any exercise at all is worthwhile, according to Leonard Pianko, M.D., a board-certified cardiologist and internal medicine physician based in Aventura, Fla. “You’re exercising, [and] getting into a routine and enjoying your exercise regimen is important.” 

Excerpted from Real Simple

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