Can Hypnosis Help Manage Obesity?

More than 70 percent of adults in the United States are overweight (with a Body Mass Index of greater than 25), and more than half of these are considered obese (with a BMI of greater than 30). Among children, the prevalence of obesity is about half of that of adults, which is viewed by many health experts as a serious problem. Obese children tend to become obese adults.

Obesity has been increasing dramatically over the past few decades, as calorie-rich food has become more accessible and people have become less physically active. Since electronics became prevalent in the 2000s, many children play video games rather than participating in sports or playing outdoors.

Obesity may lead to the development of heart disease, stroke, certain types of cancer, diabetes, depression, sleep problems, and/or a shorter life. This is likely part of the reason why most people who live a long time are not overweight. One study found that the majority of people who were hospitalized with COVID were overweight or obese. Obesity accounts for more than a third of the cost of healthcare in this country.

Excerpted from Psychology Today

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