Trying to Lose Weight? How Cold Should Your Water Be?

Paying attention to the temperature of your water may seem like an unimportant detail when the bigger issue is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. (New research tells us we need, on average, 10 tall glasses of water a day to be adequately watered.) However, quite the opposite is true: studies reveal that varying temperatures of the water we drink can have significantly different health benefits. Plus there are age-old Chinese practices that indicate temperature matters.

While a mug of hot water first thing in the morning to start off the day is part of waking up the digestive system, and adding lemon to that hot sip will help jumpstart digestion, boost metabolism, and deliver a host of immune-building vitamin C, the temperature of your beverages for the rest of the day will determine whether your cells hydrate quickly, cool down after a workout, or even constrict blood flow, depending on what you are up to. So the temperature of your water matters.

Excerpted from The Beet

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