What Are the Best Exercises for Weight Loss?

There are so many factors that contribute to the weight, shape and size of our bodies. One of the main contributors is our genes, which write the code for all of our traits. Genes are different from person to person, and our weight setpoint is no exception. Some of us are genetically predisposed to be thinner, and some of us have genes that can put us at risk for obesity.

However, lifestyle factors are still important for your overall health and can also impact your weight. A study published this month in PLOS Genetics found that there are some exercises that promote weight loss, especially for those with obesity-favoring genes. After looking at 18 different kinds of exercise, they identified five exercises that showed the most benefit. Some might surprise you and there’s probably something on this list that everyone can enjoy.

Jogging: This is probably not a shock to anyone. Regularly jogging for 40 minutes on average had the strongest evidence to offset the genetic disposition for obesity. These benefits could be for several reasons. Regular time outdoors and regular cardio can reduce stress, along with the obvious calorie burn. The researchers suggested that leisure time jogging had the strongest effect on all of their outcome measure due to its combination of benefits. Look for a park or green space near you or join a local running group (many cities and sports stores offer them for free) to turn an activity that seems mundane into more of an adventure.

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