Sweet Potatoes for Weight Loss?

Anyone who’s ever had a bowl of sweet potato fries knows that the root vegetable is is truly a gift from earth. Somehow sweet potatoes strike the perfect balance between being succulent and sweet, and it also helps that they’re touted as a super nutritious food. How many times have you had a friend opt for the sweet potato over the regular one because they’re supposedly healthier? I’m def guilty of it.

There’s no doubt that sweet potatoes are healthy. They’re full of nutrients and vitamins that help your body perform its most important functions. But sweet potatoes are also pretty up there in carbs when compared to other vegetables. Potatoes are significantly higher in carbs than vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, and zucchini, or leafy vegetables, says Elizabeth Huggins, RDN at Hilton Head Health.

Whether sweet potatoes can aid your weight-loss goals ultimately depends on your eating plan (which is your personal biz!), as well as how you prepare them. Someone trying to cut out carbs may have to pay extra attention to sweet potato servings, for example.

Excerpted from Women’s Health

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