Is it Time For an Intermittent “Media” Fast?

Despite the endless barrage of COVID-19 media, people are living the best that they can considering the circumstances. We are in uncertain times. Theories and conversations around COVID-19 have gripped all of us, myself included. This essay is meant to help us all navigate an environment that grows increasingly outside of our control.

Personal development circles have a concept called the sphere of control. Our sphere of control is the items in our lives we can directly control and influence such as what we wear, who we spend time with and how we feel and think. Some items outside our sphere of control include what other people say and do, COVID-19 and economic bailouts.

When we focus inside our sphere of control, we find ourselves taking actions and making decisions that build our certainty and confidence. This reduces stress and helps us stay in the right mindset. When we focus outside our sphere of control, we find ourselves in a state of stress and anxiety. This state of mind leads to irrational decisions and indecision.

Excerpted from Forbes

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