Can Ginger Tea Help You Shed Pounds?

Ginger is one of the commonly found condiments in the Indian kitchen. The same is a superfood and one should include it in daily diet to reap health benefits. Ginger provides several health benefits such as: relieves stress, reduces nausea, helps to cure a cold, cough, it is an anti-cancer agent, works as a pain reliever, protects us from neurodegenerative diseases and weight loss among others. Today, we are talking about ginger tea and how it can help to lose weight.

How ginger tea aids in weight loss?

1. Leads to thermogenesis 

As per one of the studies which were conducted by Columbia University and the New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center, drinking a mixture of ginger powder and hot water leads to thermogenesis (increases body heat) and the same indirectly leads to weight loss by having better metabolism. As per other researchers, this herb not only helps to reduce weight but also waist-hip ratio, hip ratio, better blood sugar levels, and lipid profiles among others. 

Excerpted from Pinkvilla

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